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Greetings and welcome to my corner of the web. I'm a Principal Software Engineer with 15+ years under my belt from a wide variety of languages. I've watched technology trends come and go, the way we develop software radically change - but still believe that the fundamentals of good software design are paramount and often lost in the shuffle.

There are plenty of good blogs on the Internet, and even a few good long reads - but I don't believe that there are enough of them. I wanted to use this space to collect some of my more polished creations and musings on the topic of software development, in the hope that they may inspire other developers to further their craft.

If you're interested, you can find some of my actual development works over on I build quite a few things in my spare time and it really is part of what makes me happy.


phantomdata's Rails Best Practices A collection of Rails Best Practices and lessons hard learned over many years of doing Rails development

A Rails Request in Detail An in depth examination of what happens when you press enter in a Rails application

What is MVC? A deep dive into the stylings of an MVC architecture